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The first fire truck purchased by the Swartz Creek Area Fireman's Association was this 1925 REO. The money was collected from merchants and residents of the area to pay for the truck. Merchants donated $50 each, while residents donated $25. On March 25, 1925, the Swartz Creek Fire Department was officially started.

The trucks shown here are a 1935 & 1946. Information as to the exact make and/or model are not available.

This is a 1952. Information as to the exact make and/or model is not available.

This is a 1958 John Beam Engine. It was a 750 GPM pump with high pressure. This is the vehicle that Chief Edward Pavlica was killed on while responding to an alarm on May 6, 1971, while trying to avoid another vehicle. The apparatus rolled over on top of him. The Swartz Creek Public Safety building is named after Chief Pavlica.

This also is a 1959 John Beam Engine like the 1958 above. This unit was sold to the Gaines Township Fire Department, but the date of the transaction is unknown.

This a 1949 American LaFranc Aerial. It was purchased, used, from the Flint Fire Department. In approximately 1985 it was sold to the Corunna-Caldonia Fire Department in Shiawassee County.

This was a 1963 Sutphen 65' aerial truck that was purchased used in 1985. It was sold in 1996 as we deemed it too expensive to have it repaired so it could be certified.

This is a 1965 American LaFrance that was also purchased from the Flint Fire Department. The pump was 1,000 GPM. The picture doesn't show the cabinetry that was added as a retrofit. The unit was sold to a private individual in the 1980's.