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This page lists the 2018 alarm breakdown by category for each month, year and municipality.
Below that are the alarms that have expired from the "Last 10 Alarms" page.

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2019 Alarm Breakdown By Month & Category


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Totals Clayton
1. Structure Fires (in our fire district); + those dispatched as structures, but determined to be something else. 1                       1   1
2. AMA's given to the Flushing Fire Dept (started 5/10/99)                              
3. AMA's given to Gaines Township Fire Dept (started 11/13/99)                              
4. AMA's given to Venice Township Fire Dept (started 03/11/02)                              
5. Mutual Aid responses not involving AMA                              
6. Vehicle fires & those out on arrival                              
7. Vehicle fires (false; steam/unfounded)                              
8. Misc. minor fires                              
9. Grass and/or brush fires                              
10. Open burns (permit/authorized & unauthorized/unattended)                              
11. Smoke investigations/smoke scares                              
12. Fire alarms (false, unfounded or burnt food) 1                       1   1
13. Vehicle extrications & entrapments                              
14. Electrical problems, no fire                              
15. Spillage of vehicle fluids                              
16. Lines down and/or arcing (power and/or phone)                       1 1  
17. Assist ambulance with lifting, public assist & etc.                              
18. Misc. non fires (CO, gas odor, unfounded, etc. or situations that don't catalog above)                              
19. Weather watches                              
Totals 3                       3 1 2

Alarms that have expired from the Last 10 Alarms Page.
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Date Time Location Type/Description Officers FF

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