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This page lists the 2018 alarm breakdown by category for each month, year and municipality.
Below that are the alarms that have expired from the "Last 10 Alarms" page.

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2019 Alarm Breakdown By Month & Category


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Totals Clayton
1. Structure Fires (in our fire district); + those dispatched as structures, but determined to be something else. 2 1                     3 1 2
2. AMA's given to the Flushing Fire Dept (started 5/10/99)                       1 NA NA
3. AMA's given to Gaines Township Fire Dept (started 11/13/99)   1                     1 NA NA
4. AMA's given to Venice Township Fire Dept (started 03/11/02)                           NA NA
5. Mutual Aid responses not involving AMA 3                       3 NA NA
6. Vehicle fires & those out on arrival                              
7. Vehicle fires (false; steam/unfounded)     1                   1   1
8. Misc. minor fires 1                       1 1  
9. Grass and/or brush fires                              
10. Open burns (permit/authorized & unauthorized/unattended)                              
11. Smoke investigations/smoke scares                              
12. Fire alarms (false, unfounded or burnt food) 6 1                   11 9
13. Vehicle extrications & entrapments                              
14. Electrical problems, no fire                              
15. Spillage of vehicle fluids                              
16. Lines down and/or arcing (power and/or phone) 1                     2 1 1
17. Assist ambulance with lifting, public assist & etc.                              
18. Misc. non fires (CO, gas odor, unfounded, etc. or situations that don't catalog above) 1 4 1                   6 4 2
19. Weather watches     1                   1 NA NA
Totals 14 12                   30 9 15

Alarms that have expired from the Last 10 Alarms Page.
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Date Time Location Type/Description Officers FF
1 12 1/1 1246 4,000 block of Morrish Rd, Swartz Creek

Dispatched for a Commercial Fire Alarm, C2 and E12 responded. C2 investigation found that a monthly flow test of the suppression system was being conduct. The technician put the alarm in test mode but due to a delay the alarm still activated. All units were canceled.

Assist. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 6 6 B
1 1/3 0908 8,000 Block of Crapo St. Swartz Creek

Responded for a Commercial structure fire at the district middle school. C2, C1, E12 and E21 along with AMA from Flushing & Gaines responded. Investigation found a small electrical fire which caused the school hallways to fill with smoke. SCAFD confirmed the fire was out and AMA was canceled. Due to the odor of smoke, school was canceled for the day.

Assist. Chief Steve Tabit(C)
Chief Dave Plumb (R)
8 4 B
3 16 1/7 0635 2,000 block of S. Sheridan, Clayton Twp. Dispatched for wires arcing. Investigation revealed that a pole to pole guide wire arced against the secondary wires that ran next to it due to the windy conditions. The guide wire fell to the ground along with other guide wires and communication lines. The utility pole in question was right on the corner so CE requested units remain on the scene for traffic control while he worked from his bucket truck to cut the wires.  Assist. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 4 3 2
4 12 1/17 1051 4,000 block of Kroger Dr, Swartz Creek Responded for a report of a water flow alarm at a commerical building. E12 and E21 responded. Investigation found no issue. Assist. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 4 1 B
5 8 1/17 1641 3,000 block of Pine Run, Clayton Twp. Dispatched for a grill on fire. E12 responded. On scene investigation found a small gas grill with a small grease fire. Fire was extinguished with a water can. Chief Dave Plumb (C,R) 2 2 1
6 12 1/22 1313 8,000 block of Miller Rd, Swartz Creek Responded for a commerical fire alarm. C4, E11, E12, E21 responded. Investigation found a broken sprinkler line which caused the need for overhaul and evacuation of residents. Batt. Chief Brent Cole (C,R) 6 3 B
7 18 1/22 1812 EB I-69 @ S. Nichols Rd, Clayton Twp. Dispatched for an odor of natural gas along I-69 near Nichols Rd. C2 & E12 investigated  and was unable to locate. Assist Chief Stephen Tabit (C,R) 8 6 1
8 1 1/27 1015 1,000 block S. Morrish Rd, Clayton Twp. Responded a structure fire. C2, C1 E21 & E12 responded from station 1 at training. Investigation found  a small fire burnt through 2 layers of sub floor but had not burned through to the top side yet. The burnt wood was cut and pried away to expose bare wood and the water can was used to put out the fire. Interview with owner determined a propane heater was being used in the crawl space to thaw pipes.   Chief Plumb (C)
Assist Chief Stephen Tabit (R)
12 7 B
9 12 1/28 1329 1,000 block of N. McKinley Rd, Clayton Twp. Dispatched to a residential fire alarm to the above location. C-4 responded. While en route, 911 advised of a false alarm that they were working on the fire alarm system. C-4 continued for report. Batt. Chief Bredt Cole (C,R) 5 3 B
10 5 1/28 1746 7,000 block of S Elms Rd. Mundy Twp Responded mutual aid to assist Mundy Twp Fire Dept with a residential structure fire. E12 and T23 responded. SCAFD crews assist with fire extinguishment. T23 assisted with water supply. Lt. Robert Fitzpatrick (R) 10 6 B
11 5 1/28 1903 5,000 Colonies Ln. Mundy Twp. While clearing incident #10, SCAFD crews were directed Mundy IC to assist with a second structure fire in their area. E12 responded. SCAFD crews assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Lt. Robert Fitzpatrick (R) 10 6 B
12 12 1/28 2109 8,000 Maple St. Swartz Creek Responded to a commerical fire alarm. E11, E12 and E21 responded. Investigation found alarm sounding with no visible smoke from the outside. Keyholder was notified and upon arrival further investigation found a burnt fan belt causing the activation. Incident was turned over to school staff. Lt. Walt Melen (C)
Chief Dave Plumb (R)
9 6 B
13 5 1/30 2246 6,000 Laurentian Ct. Flint Twp. Dispatched on a MABAS 2nd alarm for a structure fire in Flint Twp. All MABAS units were cancelled before units went en route. Assist. Chief Stephen Tabit (R) 7 5 B
14 12 1/31 1947 2,000 Whispering Waters Pass. Clayton Twp. Responded for a residntial fire alarm. E21, C2, E11 and E12 responded. E21 & C2 investigation found the 12 yr old smoke detector/ Co dector in the master bedroom was the source of the trip. Homeowner was advised to replace the unit. Assist. Chief Stephen Tabit (C)
Capt. Tim McKniight (R)
8 6 B
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15 12 2/1 1535 8,000 block of Miller Rd/ Swartz Creek Dispatched for a commercial fire alarm. C1, C4 E12 and E21 responded. On scene investigation found water flow in the secondary lining area of an assisted living facility. E21's crew further investigation found a broken CPVC pipe that supplied the suppression system broken with a frozen line present. The fire suppression system was shut off by the maintenance prior to arrival to minimize damage. Staff was advised that they would be required to conduct fire watch until the suppression system was repaired and recertified. Chief Dave Plumb (C,R) 3 5 B
16 12 2/2 0118 8,000 block of Miller Rd/ Swartz Creek Responded to the same location as Incident #15. C1, C4 & E21 responded. Investigation found no sign of smoke or fire and possible system malfunction due to the previous incident. Alarm was placed in standby mode and staff was advised to continue fire watch and notify the alarm company. Chief Dave Plumb (C,R) 8 5 B
17 3 2/7 1437 8,000 block of S. Seymour Rd. Gaines Twp. Dispatched AMA with Gaines Twp. FD for a residential structure fire. E12 and T23 responded. SCAFD crews assisted with suppression and overhaul. Batt. Chief Brendt Cole (R) 6 2 B
18 18 2/8 0131 3,000 block of S. Morrish Rd. Clayton Twp. Responded to assist police with a tree across the road. E11 and E21 responded. Investigation found a tree across the road that fell on a passing car. Crews from both stations cut up the tree and removed the hazard. FF Jeff Kelley (C)
Assist. Chief Stephen Tabit(R)
7 2 B
19 16 2/8 0640 5,000 block of Worchester Dr. Swartz Creek Dispatched for wires arcing. C2 responded. Investigation of the area and the back yards to the addresses that were given did not find any wires down or arcing/sparking. All units were held at the station. Assist. Chief Stephen Tabit (C,R) 6 1 1
20 18 2/8 2349 7,000 Woods West Ct. Clayton Twp. Responded at the request of Clayton Twp PD, to investigate a possible CO issue at a residence. E21 and C4 responded. Investigation found no issue at the home. Capt. Tim McKnight (C,R) 9 6 2

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