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This page lists the 2018 alarm breakdown by category for each month, year and municipality.
Below that are the alarms that have expired from the "Last 10 Alarms" page.

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2018 Alarm Breakdown By Month & Category


Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Totals Clayton
1. Structure Fires (in our fire district); + those dispatched as structures, but determined to be something else. 4 1 5 5
2. AMA's given to the Flushing Fire Dept (started 5/10/99) 4 N/A N/A
3. AMA's given to Gaines Township Fire Dept (started 11/13/99) 2 4 N/A N/A
4. AMA's given to Venice Township Fire Dept (started 03/11/02) N/A N/A
5. Mutual Aid responses not involving AMA 1 1 5 N/A N/A
6. Vehicle fires & those out on arrival 1 1
7. Vehicle fires (false; steam/unfounded)
8. Misc. minor fires
9. Grass and/or brush fires 2 1
10. Open burns (permit/authorized & unauthorized/unattended)
11. Smoke investigations/smoke scares 1 1 2 2
12. Fire alarms (false, unfounded or burnt food) 2 1 3 3
13. Vehicle extrications & entrapments 2 2 2
14. Electrical problems, no fire
15. Spillage of vehicle fluids
16. Lines down and/or arcing (power and/or phone)
17. Assist ambulance with lifting, public assist & etc. 1 1 1
18. Misc. non fires (CO, gas odor, unfounded, etc. or situations that don't catalog above) 3 3 3 0
19. Weather watches N/A N/A
Totals 14 11 6 32 7 10

Alarms that have expired from the Last 10 Alarms Page.
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Date Time Location Type/Description Officers FF
1 3 1/1 2032 12,000 block of Baldwin Rd, Gaines Twp. Responded AMA with Gaines Twp for a residential structure fire. E12 & T23 responded. Gaines Twp units on scene advised no fire and all AMA units were canceled. Lieut. Rob Fitzpatrick (R) 8 6 B
2 5 1/2 0643 2,000 block of Bernice, Flint Twp

Dispatched MA to Flint Township on a MABAS box alarm. E12 and E16 responded. SCAFD personnel assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. 

FF. Dan Merriam (R) 6 0 B
3 12 1/4 0725 4,0000 block of Windser, Swartz Creek Responded to a report of a smoke alarm going off inside a commecial building. C4 and E12 responded. Upon arrival no visible smoke and no answer at the door of the unit with the alarm sounding. A keyholder was requested and after arrival investigation found no fire. Batt. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 5 3 1
4 2 1/5 1127 400 block of Somerset, Flushing Dispatched to residential structure fire. E12 & E21 responded. SCAFD crew assisted with extinguishment and overhaul Capt. Tim McKnight (R) 8 0 B
6 18 1/6 0723 3,000 block of Pine Run, Clayton Twp Dispatched to a report of gas inside the home. E21 and E12 responded. On scene investigation found no hazard and called was advised to contact consumers due to the CO detector going off. Capt. Tim McKnight (R) 7 3 1
5 2 1/6 0413 300 block of Ceaderwood, Flushing Responded AMA to Flushing on a residential structure fire. E21 & E12 responded. SCAFD personnel assisted with overhaul. Capt. Tim McKnight (R) 9 2 B
7 12 1/7 0124 4,000 block of Kroger Dr, Swartz Creek Responded to a report of a Commercial Fire Alarm. E12 & E21 responded. Investigation found a leak in the fire suppression system causing a water flow alarm. Issue was turned over to the maintenance department. Capt. Tim McKnight (C,R) 10 2 B
8 18 1/7 1500 8,000 block of Corunna Rd, Clayton Twp Dispatched to a report of the smell of burning plastic burning inside a home. C4 along with E11, E12, E21 & T23 responded. Investigation found a burnt blower motor from the heater and the home owner was advised to contact repair company. Batt. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 7 2 B
9 18 1/14 0746 1,000 block of Westernwoods, Clayton Twp. Responded to a report of a CO detector activation. C4 and E21 responded. On scene investigation found no issue, home owner was advised to have his alarm system checked.  Batt. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 10 4 1
10 11 1/16 2220 5,000 block of Worchester, Swartz Creek Dispatched to a smoke investigation. C1,C2 and E12 responded. Investigation found no fire in the area. Asst. Chief Steve Tabit (C,R) 7 6 1
11 5 1/18 0604 N. Sheridan Ave/Calkins Rd, Lennon Responded to a report of a 2 car PI Entrapment. C1, C2, E11, E21 & E12 responded. On scene found two pick up trucks collided head and both drivers were entrapped. Extrication equipment was used to remove both drivers from their vehicles and both patients were transported to Hurley Medical Center. Once patients were transported, on scene police officials advised incident was a Shia Co incident. Shia Co. PD and FD advised. Chief David J. Plumb (C,R) 9 4 B
12 5 1/21 1612 800 block of S. Ballenger, Flint Dispatched Mutual Aid on a 3rd Alarm to assist the City of Flint with a commercial structure fire. E12 and C2 responded. On scene SCAFD personnel assisted with over haul and extinguishment. Asst. Chief Steve Tabit (R) 6 8 B
13 2 1/25 0204 300 Terrace St., Flushing Responded AMA with Flushing fire on a potential commercial structure fire. E21 responded and was canceled en route. Capt. Tim McKnight (C,R) 7 4 B
14 3 1/26 1805 8,000 block of Hill Rd, Gaines Twp. Dispatched AMA with Gaines Twp. fire on a potential residential structure fire. E12 and C1 responded. E12, first on scene, laddered the roof and began chimney fire supression operations and inspected the incident with a Thermal Imaging camera. Once operations were completed, SCAFD units were released by GTFD IC. Chief David J. Plumb (C,R) 12 6 B
15 1 2/1 1606 8,000 block of Miller Rd, Swartz Creek Responded with AMA from FFD and GTFD, to a report of a Commercial Structure Fire at a Assisted Living facility. C2, E12 and E21 responded. Though there was an initial smell of smoke in the building, after extensive investigation no fire was found. AMA was canceled, and several EMS units were released. Asst. Chief Steve Tabit (R) 7 4 B
16 1 2/3 0153 5,000 block of Birchcrest, Swartz Creek Disapatched with AMA from FFD & GTFD, for a reported Residential Structure Fire. C1, C2, E11, E12, E21 responded. On scene found a two stoory home with attached garage, with garage was full involved on arrival. E12 & E21's crew advanced a cross lay to the seat of the fire for extinguishment. E11's crew with FFD & GTFD assisted with extinguishment & overhaul. Chief David J. Plumb (C,R) 9 6 B
17 13 2/4 1245 EB I 69 @ Duffield, Clayton Twp Dispatched for a reported vehicle entrapment. Before SCAFD units could respond, patient was removed by EMS and SCAFD was canceled. Batt. Chief Brendt Cole (C,R) 9 4 B
18 2 2/5 0711 400 block of Riverwood Dr, Flushing Responded AMA with Flushing Fire on a Residential Structure Fire. E21 responded and stood by on scene until released by Flushing IC. Lieut. Scott Martin (R) 3 3 B
19 3 2/8 1054 200 block of W. Lord St. Gaines Twp. Dispatched AMA with Gaines Twp Fire for a commerical structure fire. E12 responded and while enroute was canceled. Lieut. Fitzpatrick (R) 4 3 B
20 3 2/8 2251 10,000 block of S. Nichols Rd, Gaines Twp. Responded AMA with GainesTwp Fire for a chimney fire. E12 and T23 responded. SCAFD crews assisted with extinguishment and overhaul. Lieut. Fitzpatrick (R) 10 6 B
21 17 2/9 1011 EB I 69 @ Nicholas Rd, Clayton Twp. Dispatched for a Semi Roll over EB I-69 at Nichols Rd. E12, T23 and S16 responded. Crews setup cones and blocked traffic as Gray's Towing removed the semi truck and trailer. Once the rollover was secure MSP indicated SCAFD units could clear and returned to service. Batt. Chief Brendt Cole (C)
Lieut. Walt Melen (R)
7 4 1
22 1 2/15 1201 5,000 block of Valleyview, Swartz Creek Responded with AMA for a residential structure fire with possible entrapment. E12 and C1 responded, on scene C1 found "Liquid Force" cleaning out th sewer lines. Device being used was sending a large steam cloud behind the building. All units were canceled. Chief David J. Plumb (C,R) 2 4 B
23 13 2/15 1515 Corunna Rd/Elms Rd, Clayton Twp. Responded to a report of PI Entrapment at S. Elms and Corunna. E11 and E21 responded, LT9 on scene. Crews stabilized the vehicles using rescue jacks and removed 2 patients from the vehicle. Lieut. Rob Fitzpatrick (C)
Lieut. Walt Melen (R)
4 3 B

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